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Our legacy offering where we assist clients to recruit suitable candidates across experience levels and industries. We work with clients to offer the best fit to their vacant/open positions by optimizing candidate CVs and shortlisting the best suitable candidates. Once candidates are shortlisted, we guide them and provide pointers to prepare for the interview. 

With the advent of WFM culture, we have successfully assisted numerous clients to hire quality talent remotely.

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Hire our employees for temporary, contractual or long term work across experience levels and industries. Clients map out the needed skill sets and positions; and Staphy delivers on them. The candidates work for clients through us (on Staphy payroll).


Enhancing the existing teams by temporarily acquiring vital skills through new members for client businesses. In consultation with clients, we evaluate the existing staff and determine what additional skills are needed. This way we offer extra reinforcements for a longer period, while being flexible. The process brings synergies for our clients by leveraging both existing and outsourced talent pool.


 Offer specialized recruitment services for clients who want to locate and recruit highly qualified /skilled, senior-level and executive jobs across industries (e.g., President, Vice-president, CEO, Senior Data Scientist, CIO, CTO, etc.)


Our workforce solution where clients transfer all or part of its permanent recruitment to us. We are then responsible for the management of the recruitment function for that client.

Time to hire 
Cost of hire 
Quality of hire 

      Cost (Reduction in hiring expenditure, Reduction in talent acquisition spend)
      Productivity (Benefit from the latest technology)
Agile & Scalability

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